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Summing up 2015

Some highlights from a lucky guy, thanks to all that was involved!

Pano of Arnestedet studio

Pano of Arnestedet studio


The year started out with recording and mixing the sound for the first #tjuvstart video at the Flekkefjord kultursenter.

 The culture center opens this coming fall, and we are a group of volunteers that have created a series of videos to promote the coming center and to raise money in the process. so far 10 videos have been released I have recorded and mixed the sound on Ingrid Frøsland, Frisk Bris, Playboys, Bente Torgersen, Thale Log Skage and Myrulls videos.  you can watch them all here.

Here is the video we did with my daughter Thale and I:

Joe Rusi

I produced Joe Rusi first full length album, we recorded the album in New Orleans with some legendary musicians. You can read about the project  HERE

Reidar Larsen

Reidar Larsen , Sverre E. Henriksen and I working on Reidars album

Parallell with the Joe Rusi project, I was involved in writing and recording for the new reidar Larsen album, 3 of my song made it to the album and I play guitar on most of the tracks. The album is mainly recorded at Rediar Larsens studio in stavanger, but I also did the guitars for  the songs I wrote at my home studio. Producer for the album was Sverre Erik Henriksen. The Album was called "blåtonar fra bakrommet"  ( bluenotes from the backroom) and was released  in september. 

we did som nice gigs this summer with  Kongsberg Jazz festival as the pinnacle, The ad hoc project "Norwegian blues Caravan" did 2 gigs this summer, witch was great fun. NBC was Reidar Larsen and his band with Vidar Busk, Dr. Bekken, Hungry John, Daniel Eriksen and Rita Engedalen.


Peter Nordberg

Peter and I have worked together of and on since the late 1990´ , this year started with me adding guitar and Omnichord to what became his single, witch topped the indipendent radio charts in Sweden  for many weeks this year. I spent close to a week in new york city with him  in may writing songs together.

Ian Bruce & Flekkefjord sangforening

Im currently working on a a 3 song ep with Scottish singer Ian Bruce and the Choir Flekkefjord sangforening. 

Thomas Dybdahl

I did 2 guest appearances with Thomas Dybdahl his year. Live on national tv and at Stavanger concert hall.

Bande popular ... was a project that did not take of, but I have to mention it, because  the weekend we did work together resulted in some really nice demos

Bande popular : Audun Ramo, Bjørn Charles Dreyer, Signe Salvesen, Bruce Rasmussen and I