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Myrull update - Tracking done, some dubs , then mix...

The production of the duo Myrull's  debut album is rolling along. 

On January 20-23 we recorded the backing tracks , We hired Eirik Bekkeheien and his mobile rig and camped at Farsund resort for the weekend, the makeshift studio was put up in the Barn/conference center . It worked very well both sonicly and gave the  musicians a pleasant sorounding  to work in.


The band Consisted of Trond Augland on drums, Kjell Martin Sirnes on percussions, John Lilja on bass and me on aditional guitars. Vidar Arntzen did most guitars and Rebecca Reimers sang.



At the moment i am adding stuff to the mix .

After checking different options Ive decided to go abroad with the actual mixing of the album. We are so lucky that the great John Whynot  In Los angeles liked  what he heard and are mixing tracks when i write this.

Whynot is one of the top mixers/Producers from Canada and has worked  on some of my favourite albums by artist like Bruce Cockburn, Blue rodeo, Blackie And the rodeo kings (check him out here:  http://www.mgmtrust.ca/producers/70.html )