the musical adventures of Arne Skage jr.

Guitarplayer and musicmaker

"new" Demo

I have'nt updatet my demopage for ages, so to "freshen up" the site here is a mix of some of the stuff I've contributed on, spanning 13 years or so.......
starting with Thomas Dybdahl(2002, weissenborn and ambient lap steel) then Eriksen (1995, dobro), Eriksen (1993, bottleneck slide), Eriksen (1993, Oahu hawaiian), Bethany Joy Lenz ( 2005, Oahu Hawaiian), Something Odd/ Odd Nordstoga (1998, weissenborn), Jørn Hoel (1995, bottleneck slide), Reidar Larsen (2001, National Steel)

Links to the different artists are found on the discography page, hope you like it.....

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