the musical adventures of Arne Skage jr.

Guitarplayer and musicmaker

Musical Bio

spring '82 first live appearance: the gong show at Knox High school (Knox indiana)
band: "saturday night special"
(Flekkefjord Norway 82-85) Band: Mr. Jones
(Flekkefjord Norway 82-85) Pete Haneferd group

Achaia's in-house band (The night club Stavanger NO. 87-88)
Six - Pence (Stavanger NO. 87-88)
Blonde on Blonde (Stavanger NO. 88-89)
Charlies Angels Checkpoint Charlies (hard rock cafe) in-house band (Stavanger NO. 88-90)
Hoy-hoy ! Mr. Jones (club) in-house band; (Stavanger 89-90)
Fly by Innocence aka Swoon (Stavanger NO 88-90)

Reidar Larsen Band (90-92)
Hoy-hoy ! (2) (stavanger 92-93):
Eriksen(band/trio)(93- 99)
Reidar Larsen and the Storytellers: october 96 - Present
Svein Tang Wa & gjøkene 97- present
Erik Røe & the no good mono band

Recordings; see discography


  • Rønnaug Foss Alsvik - live and tv appearances
  • Scoring music for the stage play "Natta syng sine songar" by Jon Fosse at Rogaland Teater Score and sounddesign for the short movie " Drops"
  • Playing all guitars and supplying music for the Radio "road movie" "Over de høye fjelle" for NRK p1
  • Lynni Treekrem and Frode Alnæs Live ONS 2000
  • Bjarne Brøndbo live "Salmer på ville veier"
  • Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo Live
  • Frode Alnæs/Øyvind Elgenes Live ONS 2002
  • Sounddesign and music for Ide Reklamebyrå/Scopos and Newmansland multimedia studio

    Tv appearances on national tv withEriksen, Reidar Larsen, Rønnaug Foss Alsvik, Svein Tang Wa. Bjarne Brøndbo, Thomas Dybdahl