the musical adventures of Arne Skage jr.

Guitarplayer and musicmaker

summing up last year...

29 livegigs with Reidar Larsen & the Storytellers
20( mostly) sold out shows with comedy act "Han Innante"

webmusic and videomusic for www.scopos.no

Bethany Joy Lenz (of "One tree hill" fame. Slide guitar 1 track on her "come on home" ep)

Svein Tang Wa; new album (tbr)
Jeff Cohen ( TBR, Slide guitar 1 track )
Ingjerd "Moi" Ă˜strem "My way this way" (slide on 1 track)
"Han Innante" Juli/Jule cd, full production 1 song , mix 3 songs, assorted guitars on the whole cd

Thomas Dybdahl ( hawaiian slide on 2 tracks, TBR 2006)

Maylin ( 4 tracks assorted guitars TBR)

Ulv Ulv (Ingvar Hovland, guitars 2 tracks TBR 2006)